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Friday, January 19, 2007

Christmas in New Mexico

David, the cats, and I had a great time in New Mexico for Christmas. We ate good food, spent quality time with my parents, took Lucky the dog for walks even though it was really cold, and got to open presents. Oh--and we went to a candlelight service at the church my parents attend. I ran into some people I knew when I was in high school, and they commented that I hadn't changed at all. I was a bit appalled until David and my mom and dad pointed out that I should take it as a compliment that I didn't look OLD. I guess...

Here we are in front of the tree with Lucky. He's such a great dog even though he drools over the cats when we visit.

My mom and dad and Lucky. Aren't they cute?

Okay. I just realized this is a very Lucky-heavy post. But it's only because when we visit the cats have to stay in the study while Lucky gets the run of the house.

Here's my dad wearing the gloves I knit for him. I thought they would be done for his birthday in January last year, but it didn't work out. I did instruct him to wash them by hand in cold water since they're wool. I hope he listens!

And here's my mom holding up the lacey thing I knit (the one that was originally going to be the veil on Knitty Gritty). You can really see the detail in this picture. Yea!

In other Christmas news, I got my sewing machine, a Kenmore from my dad. Yea! So far, I've made David a pair of sleep pants and did a deconstruct/reconstruct project with a too tight skirt. I'll post pictures of that soon. It was great fun just cutting stuff up and then sewing it all back together again. Maybe I won't be much of a pattern girl after all. (I get frustrated with that tissue thin paper.)

So, that was Christmas, more or less.


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