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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Seasons Do Change in California

As proof, I offer you these pictures that we took near Camp De Benneville Pines, a Unitarian Universalist camp up past Angelus Oaks on the 38. I've been going there pretty much since I moved to Los Angeles even though I'm not a UU and am not part of any congregation. Aren't they nice to let me come? I went to this work weekend two years ago in early November. I broke my finger loading logs. (Actually I didn't break my poor finger. Some guy who was throwing logs did!) Then, a group of us got stuck up there an extra night due to a snow storm that closed down the roads. It was interesting. This time I checked the weather and stayed far, far away from logs and people throwing them.

We drove up Friday night in horrible, horrible traffic (3+ hours to go just 100 miles) and stayed until Sunday at lunch. Mostly, we raked a 15 foot fire clearance around all the cabins. Raking in the forest is a strange exercise in perserverance and tolerance. Basically, you have to convince yourself that, yes, your actions are making a difference. And then you have to tolerate the fact that there will always be another pine cone, another leaf, another pile of twigs. You can't get everything, nor would you want to. Needless to say, we were exhausted both mentally and physically come Sunday. The higher elevation didn't help, either. Ah well. We got to play Boggle and Yahtzee (brought back childhood memories of camping and playing that game with my parents and their friends), take a walk, and eat good food (they're kind to vegetarians there). We also talked to several people who were very interesting and sweet. All in all, a great weekend. (But boy, did that shower feel good on Sunday night. And sleeping in my own bed was divine!)

Look--changing leaves. Can you believe it?

Here's me at the camp sign just off Jenks Lake Road.

A shadowy road (Jenks Lake Road)


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So the palm trees didn't just sway eh? I'm shocked :D

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