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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Vegas, Paris, Ice in the Desert

For my birthday last week, we went to Vegas for one night. I was especially excited because we hadn't been there at all since October, 2005. I was suffering from withdrawal. Thanks to the benefits of traveling in January, we were able to score a reasonably priced room at Paris. Yea!

Guess who's coming to Paris. David Hassellhoff in The Producers! We'll most likely see Spamalot when it arrives in Vegas, but come on, it's David Hassellhoff. (The German professor at Coe had a big poster of David H. in his office. It was hilarious.)

Here's me playing The Munsters 2 cent machine. For any concerned parties, I was supervised at all times on the gambling floor, had a specific and small gambling limit, and was quickly whisked away at the first sign of my eyes glazing over. I have my Grandma Chelo to thank for the gambling gene.
Yeah--this machine at Bally's--it sucked. I really think it's a worse money catcher than the others since it's right at the entrance between Paris and Bally's and practically screams, "Throw your money in here!"
This is the huge wooden horse that's in front of the F.A.O. Schwartz store at Caesars Palace. It's hard to tell, but that's me at the bottom by the leg. We went into the store and were tempted by the large stuffed monkeys.
In addition to lots of walking, a bit of slot action, and trying to stay warm (yes, there was ice on many of the casino lakes), we ate at two buffets. My favorite is still the Paris breakfast buffet because the food quality is great, there are lots of choices, and they have good coffee. Plus, if you time it right (as we did), you can go for a bit of breakfast and then stay for a bit of lunch.

I do love Vegas, but I only ever want to stay for a little while. It can be a very depressing as well as exciting place. I'm so glad we didn't end up getting married there!



Blogger Battle of Jeric√≥ said...

I would like to thank David for being on watch while you were there. Thanks David, we need brave men like you! I would like to know what was in that Trojan relic . . . filled with showgirls? I can only hope so . . . .

6:46 AM  
Blogger Rochee said...

Did I comment yet? No? Didn't think so. I keep reading but not signing off :) Mmmmm Vegas....

8:11 PM  

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