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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bumper Crop at Church of Craft

We truly had a great turnout at the last Church of Craft meeting on Jan. 21. It was getting packed in the back room of The Coffee Table--packed with crafty goodness, that is. Of course, it's taken me awhile to post this, so people's names have flitted from my mind. My apologies to those people who get shafted. I swear it's nothing personal.

This is Charlotte who was making the most adorable froggy cards. She also had a lot of neat gadgets that we all oohed and ahhed over. And here's ____ with Ben. They were both fiber types who met at a yarn store. (How sweet is that?) She was making cute crocheted monkeys (I did tell her about my monkey nightmare), and he was at work on a sock. Ben also brought in this neat device that one of the other attendees puzzled over and finally figured out. (She thought it was for colored knit work.)

Here are two people whose names I've forgotten and Susan. Susan brought supplies to make fun felt flower pins. I was sorely tempted to join in the fun, but as you'll see below, I was hard at work on something else. Susan always has such neat ideas to share.

And here's Reverend Allison working on a lovely shawl and Christy of fame working up her own felt flower.
Finally, here's me with the monstrous laptop bag, Joyce holding up her F**K cross-stitch, and Joyce's friend Misty knitting away. There were others there, but obviously I don't have any pictures of them. Thanks again, everyone. You made my afternoon!

Laptop bag update: major knitting operations are complete! Now there are ends to weave in, and I have to sew the whole thing up and felt it. But that's the easy part, right? I hope this one turns out better than the one I did for my parents. Always knit up and felt a test swatch, I say. Otherwise, you never know what you're going to end up with.

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Blogger Rochee said...

neato, looks like fun! I just don't know if I could ever succeed at being crafty :)

8:19 AM  
Blogger Battle of Jeric√≥ said...

Next stop: Knit Olypmics. I will sponsor you.

1:51 AM  

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