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Monday, September 10, 2007

Knitting Party in Denver

My time in Denver last month was not without its knitting focus. After all, what would a vacation be if I wasn't Googling "yarn stores, Denver" for addresses and yarn store reviews. Of course, we went to Michael's where I got Tiana her first set of knitting needles (that Niki has claimed as her own, I'm afraid!) and other supplies, but we also went to Knitting Habitat, a very nice yarn store. The woman there let us hold up yarn to Max's face to find a color that worked (purple works so much better than pink for her!). Also, Tiana got to play with a little dog there. Anyway, here we are outside the store.

We had a "girls" BBQ and knitting party one night at Niki and Walter's place. Here are Tiana and Abbey (her cousin) out in the back yard.

Beautiful tofu/veggie kabobs. Ann said, "This is what happens when girls grill."

Here's Ann, Erica (Niki's sister-in-law/mother to Abbey), and Niki knitting away. I had a great time teaching them. Erica did fine, despite the cocktails. And Niki was such a fast learner! I hope she'll keep trying to do some easy projects and not get frustrated with herself. (Niki--remember that it's supposed to be relaxing, and the results aren't always the important thing!)

Tiana and I lounged in the hammock outside.
Here's me, Abbey, Erica, and Tiana. Notice the knitting needles. And, yes Dad, that is a skull on my shirt, but it's for The Venture Bros. Go Team Venture!

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