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Monday, August 20, 2007

A Meal Revealed

This post is so long in coming (middle of May, anyone?), that it would seem the memory of this food would already be gone. But this meal I had in Tokyo was so amazing that I can still taste it. The place was called Bon, and it was a traditional Buddhist vegetarian restaurant complete with my own screened room and tatami mats. Yea!

Just look at how perfect everything is.
On the left, one lone lotus root wheel. I love lotus root!
This soup was thick and full of lotus root, savory broth, mushrooms, and other great stuff. I could have had a meal of just this.
Mmm--more mushrooms, asparagus, a grain type of thing, all covered in a delicious pea sauce.
Something that wasn't on the menu--soba noodles, tofu skins, and a sort of savory jelly something. Very tasty.
Look at this beautiful green dish. Ah! And the tofu was just right.

Best tempura ever. That leaf thing on top was so delicate yet crisp.
Final course--rice (of course), green tea, assorted pickles, and miso soup with tofu. No meal is complete without some rice.
Finally, some fresh fruit. A perfect ending to a near perfect meal.
One satisfied eater.

Check back soon for more updates--things have settled down somewhat.

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Blogger Rochee said...

I was being stupid and posted this comment to my own blog :P

ol! I didnt get all your pictures downloaded *cry* so you have to use those so I can get them too!! We miss you too!! Call me tonight, Tiana was crying when I got in th car because she wanted to tell you what a good time she had with you (I think she was just tired and running a bit slow so she missed her chance).

1:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That smile on your face-is that of anticipation of the Kobe Beef?

8:39 PM  

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