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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Monkey Mayhem

This is a monkey divided. This is a monkey unfinished. This is my nightmare.
So, when I started knitting two years ago, the only thing David wanted me to make for him was a sock monkey. No scarves, no hats, no sweaters. Just a monkey. Here we are, two years later, and still no monkey. I promised to make one for his birthday, which was last week. And I've been working on it, but now I have to finish it. All of the pieces above must be assembled, sewn together, and stuffed.

Two nights ago, I had a horrible, horrible dream. I was a student in an English class. The weekend assignment (given Friday afternoon, due Monday morning) was to knit a sock monkey and then make a movie featuring the sock monkey. I was the only knitter in my class, and I knew this sounded impossible. But I tried. When I got to class Monday, we were in a large auditorium. I sat with monkey pieces in my lap, trying to figure out just how to make it look like a monkey before my turn. Meanwhile, other students gave their presentations. Their monkeys were perfect. Their monkeys starred in grand adventures, artsy films, and documentaries that looked both professional and labor-intensive. One film featured a monkey made out of exactly the same yarn I was using. Growing more anxious and not knowing when my name would be called, I tried to piece my monkey together with safety pins, bits of yarn (no tapestry needle here), and whatever else I could find. Did I mention I was the only knitter in that class? And what kind of fucked up assignment was this, anyway? This was an English class, damnit! I woke up before my name was called.

David says that the dream was my overriding guilt trying to get a message into my insensitive, lazy, monkey-hating, thick skull. I mean, how could I possibly even think to start a new project (which I did, on Thursday night) when his birthday monkey lay in pieces. (Yes, his birthday was LAST WEEK!!!) I say I'm just stressed out by work and that stress is carrying over even to my knitting.

(Thanks to David for helping me type this. Some of the wording - the best "wording" - may not be mine.)


Blogger Rochee said...

LOL...that is really funny :D

I missed David's birthday >.<

I have officially become the world's worst human being.

My next blog entry will be entiely devoted to David. And Josh too since his birthday is tomorrow (the one I usually forget, i remember..go figure :/)

Now Hush. Over the Hedge is starting. Again.

8:10 PM  
Blogger Rochee said...

Cute monkey btw :)

8:27 AM  
Anonymous jj said...

Have you finished the monkey yet?
I don't want to pressure your, but
some of us are waiting for its
grand debut. You will let us know, won't you? You see, the beauty
is in finishing it and seeing
its faults so that the next monkey
is better, more perfect and
even more brilliant to bring
to its awaiting public.
We await your monkey.

Oh, just to let you know,
I will never demand a monkey.
Socks maybe, but no monkey.
Love you.

1:42 AM  

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