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Monday, June 19, 2006

Baked Goods and Tweedy Yarn

These are two pre-felted pictures. One is a test swatch for my felted booties. The other is the revised iPod cozy for David. I don't have pictures up, but both projects felted just fine in the sink. The iPod cozy is a much better size (more long and lean rather than short and squatty). David will have to cuff it because now it's too long. Ah well. I'll make him another one.
I went to Unwind in Burbank this weekend. Look what I bought there--on sale! This is yarn for the aforementioned felted slippers. But I keep screwing up on the pattern and having to frog. I guess I should pay more attention. I worked on it when I went to hear A Prairie Home Companion at That Yarn Store on Sunday. While I was there, I ordered more balls of that cool Sockotta yarn (of which I only have one ball) so I can make Tiana a sweater. I also asked them to order some Sockotta self-striping yarn. (I have to have something small to take to Comic-Con, don't I?)
In addition to my yarn lust this weekend, I also stopped by Porto's. See? Here's the bag of evidence. I totally enjoyed my guava roll and a couple of other treats. David also enjoyed the meat pie and potato balls I picked up for him. Ah, Porto's. I wish I could eat your baked goods everyday!

Finally, here's a funny picture of Greta with her paw on top of David's foot. This is how I found them last night when I had finished watching The History Detectives on KCET. Ah--Greta loves David.

Oh--in one last bit of knitting news, I decided I wanted to try again on the Beachy Tank with 2nd Time Cotton that ended up being very baggy. So, I frogged the entire thing. I'll keep you (Niki, who might be my only reader!) posted on the progress because I know you're very interested in projects I have to redo. Ha ha

More soon...


Blogger Rochee said...

Oops, I got distracted and didn't leave a message earlier!

Neato cozies :) Cute pic of Great :D

9:08 PM  
Blogger Rochee said...

Come on, more updates!!!!

3:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What cute cats you have!

We should know.

Ally, Pickles, Beatle, Harley, Gracie, and Butterscotch (in spirit)

3:55 PM  

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