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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My cat and me = no knitting (or does it?)

This is a cute picture of Thomas and me in our usual TV watching pose the other night. He loves to curl up next to me and purr the night away. In this case, we were watching the first episode of the final season of Six Feet Under. It was a great episode! (Thomas likes it better when I'm not knitting. More on that below.) And usually Greta is on David's lap, but since it's summer and he's wearing shorts all the time, she won't touch him. (Some kind of aversion to human flesh or something.) Anyway, Thomas is such an attention hog that I'm sure the thought of having his picture splashed across the internet appeals to him. It just means that many more potential hands to pet him.

Why no knitting pictures, you ask? Well, since I finished the socks on Sunday night, I haven't started anything new (and the socks were the last project I had on the needles). It's a very sad fact, but I don't know what to do next. I want to do a Sockotta sweater for Tiana, but I realized I didn't have enough yarn. (Duh--I only have one ball.) So until I get more, I can't do anything. I'm not in the mood to start up a sweater for me yet. So maybe I'll do another pair of socks with this cool pattern from Knit Picks. But I want to do more. I think socks are a good project to always have on hand just in case. I could whip up a quick iPod cozy for David since the last one, once felted, was way too wide and short. Oh--what to do? Tomorrow I have to take the car in for service and I'll be near Unwind in Burbank, so maybe I'll stop in there and see what's what.

Oh--and I went for my finishing lesson at That Yarn Store and realized I have the skills I need to finish. I guess I'm just not confident enough with things like the citizenry stitch (aka grafting). Anyway, I had a good time talking to David and Thea. They graciously offered the Church of Craft a place to meet if we ever need it. (Our next meeting will be June 25. Email me if you're interested.)

I have more to write about a newly discovered cousin, but she's so new that I haven't had time to process everything. I'll write that story some other time. But suffice it to say that it's all very exciting and that it's been an emotional week (but in a good way).

Until this weekend, when I hope to take some pictures of new yarn...


Blogger Rochee said...

Very cute ^_^. I read this when you posted it but I haven't posted a comment yet. I'm feeling productive since I just exercised so i thought I better take advantage of it! you make me want to learn to knit or something :P

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