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Sunday, June 11, 2006

At last the socks are done!

I felt as though I'd never be done. And I came close to giving up a few times. But--at long last--the socks are done. They are the mismatched Himalaya pair from Nancy Bush's book. Why did they take so long, you might ask? Well, these stripes were all made by me, not by self-striping yarn. I decided stripes can be a big pain in the ass when you have to weave in all the ends. But I was able to finish them during Brokeback Mountain on Sunday night. (Such a good movie, but I almost didn't want to watch the last third because I knew it would be so sad.)
Anyway, pictures of the socks.

My favorite--the less stripey one.

And the second (actually first one I knit, which is a big part of the reason I almost didn't finish) more stripey one. Why do sock on feet pictures make everyone's legs look so stumpy?
I accidentally deleted the one of the two socks side by side, but it's for the best because it was a very unflattering picture. They are so comfy. I can't wait to wear them to work.

In other news, my arm is worse and is actually quite sore. I hope this is a has-to-hurt-if-it-is-to-heal sort of pain instead of just plain old pain.

And in still other news, I went to the hyperbolic plane workshop on Sunday at That Yarn Store (see link to the left) in Eagle Rock. It was great fun. I got to watch David the owner get a man interested in the hyperbolic plane thing even though the man was very fiber-resistant when he walked in with his wife. It was neat to see as the guy's defensive, arms-crossed demeanor changed into a more conversational, engaging demeanor. Fiber can do that to people, I think.

Anyway, tonight I'm going in for my "finishing class" at TYS. I knit up a few swatches last night as I was watching the first episode of Buffy Season 6. I had lots of short scraps of yarn to finish up. Oo--and it's $0.99 papusa night tonight at Las Cazuelas in Highland Park, so we're having that for dinner. (Granted, some of the papusas are only on sale for $1.25. Still a bargain, I say!)

And Niki, I had a dream last night about a spiral staircase that kept getting narrower and narrower until it was squeezing my bones and I couldn't go any higher. Gee--let's all put our thinking caps on and figure out what that means. (Barriers, anyone?)

Good day!


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