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Monday, June 26, 2006

Church of Craft Goodness

On Saturday afternoon, my "new" cousin Elizabeth called and we talked for over two hours. It's been a long time since I clicked with someone so quickly.
In addition to that, I held the monthly Church of Craft meeting Sunday afternoon. There was knitting, cross-stitching, dream pillow making, a small child with markers, and a Mac. This all makes for perfect crafting. The crew at the Eagle Rock Coffee Table are just fantastic, so thanks to them for making us feel so welcome! Now, some pics: Here is Libby finishing her first ever scarf (!), Greg working on his computer, and Stephanie knitting something cute.
Here is Marilynn with her dream pillows and her son Orion. Orion had a birthday yesterday, and he was cool enough to spend it crafting with us.
Here's Greg again, Traci making little knit pouches, Stephanie again, and Joyce who was cross-stitching. They look really serious (well, Traci is smiling), but I promise we had a good time.
Not pictured: Me, since I took the pictures. But I made significant progress on my 2nd time cotton halter top. Last night I got to stop with the ^*&^#$ 2x2 ribbing and move on to the bodice. Hooray. I'll post pictures soon.

And finally, here's Greta at her spot in the kitchen window.

A new cousin, plenty of knitting time, and a happy cat in a window. What else could I ask for?


Blogger Libby said...

Hey, you! Aren't you crafty, getting those pics up so fast. Thanks for hosting on Sunday, it was great to see everyone. I'll finish threading in the ends of Scarf #1 during Spin a Good Yarn night tomorrow... Hope you'll be there reading your poetry!!

8:31 AM  

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