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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Lots of pics and randomness

Okay, so Niki has been chastising me for not posting, and I finally feel guilty enough to do something about it. But I must say that I'm on restrictions for a month due to a certain numbness in my hand. That's right--no mousing or typing with my right hand until October! Work is hard; so is blogging. But there aren't any restrictions on knitting--thank goodness. Anyway, pictures and a few words in semi-random order b/c I don't feel like cutting & pasting. Here we go.

This weekend, we went to Solvang for David's birthday. (Happy Birthday, David!) But I got to do fun things too. Here I am outside Village Spinning and Weaving. What a great place! The people were so friendly, and I even got to help give a pep talk to a new knitter who felt that she was doing things incorrectly.
Random picture of the finished Stranded socks. So cute!

Here's the beautiful alpaca (so soft) hat I knit for Josh's big birthday. The color is peacock.

Here's me next to a huge Hans Christian Anderson head in the small museum dedicated to him in Solvang. There was a cool bilingual edition of The Princess and the Pea that I almost picked up for Tiana. Maybe next time.
Cool windmill in Solvang, just down the street from Village Spinning and Weaving.
Now we're going back in time to August 18th for the Leftover Yarn Party at That Yarn Store. Here is the lovely Frannie tying on yet another beautiful section of yarn to her handmade skein. We had a great time, but I was the only non-That Yarn Store affiliate there. That's why I'm sharing these photos. Please, please please come to the next one on September 29th! Since this is the sort of thing that only benefits from more people (and more yarn), I'd love to see more people come.

Here is my skein, waiting to be wound.

Here is the finished product. Can you say wow? It's so pretty that I almost don't want to start knitting with it. Almost.

Stay tuned for sock monkey updates and more!


Anonymous JJ said...

With the left-over yarn
you could knit a cat
to keep Gretta and Thomas
company on long trips to
Spain or New Mexico
You choose.
Te echo de menos

8:01 AM  
Blogger Rochee said...

Yeah, an update! COOL socks! I love those :D I need to figure out how to get pictures off my phone so I can post actual pics instead of random Over the Hedsge stuff.....

8:27 AM  

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