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Sunday, May 21, 2006

A Hike, a Dead Mouse, and a Kimono

Here is the Koko Kimono I'm working on for a co-worker who's having a baby. (And shoot--the baby shower is just a couple of weeks away!) I finished the back yesterday when we were watching Chasing Amy. The pattern is from Minnies by Jill Eaton.

Here is Thomas. He wouldn't hold still for me to take his picture.

Here is Greta. She looks kind of freaky in this picture, but I think she'll look better when I get a new camera. I love her snaggle tooth.

This morning we went hiking (a bit over 7 miles!) with our friend Craig at Topanga State Park. We're thinking of training for a half marathon that's coming up in September. But that involves running, right? I'm not sure...

Oh--and the dead mouse was actually a mummified mouse that I found yesterday while cleaning outside by the too many plant containers I have on the porch. I was a little wierded out at first, but then I became fascinated. I mean, you could see bones (vertabrae, skull, teeth, etc), but there was also this leathery skin. All the juicy bits were gone. David was intrigued as well. Craig and Niki, when I told them about it, seemed less impressed. I guess you had to be there.

So, that covers all the things in my title, right?

Happy Sunday.



Anonymous Niki said...

Ewwwww ...... dead mouse!!!!!!!

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