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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Nearly Finished Projects, Norah Vincent

As promised, here is the felted iPod holder I made for David. It's almost dry, so soon I'll be able to tell if it's actually the right size.

And here's the nearly completed Koko Kimono, as of last night. This morning on the way to work, I finished sewing up the side seams and begin picking up stitches along the neckline. After that, it's just the i-cord ties and some serious blocking. I think I'll do coordinating booties as well. Knitting for babies rocks!

In other news, I recently finished reading Self-Made Man by Norah Vincent. It was very well-written, informative, funny, moving, all that good stuff. The author went undercover as a man for 18 months. She joined a men's bowling league, spent some time at a monastery, dated women, etc. Check it out.

Only two more days left of this work week. When you take a lot of uncertainty and pair it with the much slower pace of summer, you end up with too much time to worry. I hope to take up at least some of that time with knitting and Harry Potter books on the iPod. And tonight there are two great shows on PBS--"Secrets of the Dead" and the Frontline special on AIDS. (We watched part I last night. Excellent.)


Anonymous Niki said...

Neato. Cute :D can you make something for Fatma for me??? Anything easy.

9:20 PM  
Blogger Rochee said...

come on now, I keep leaving comments for you!!! None for me in return?? Come one...blogging is hard enough to keep doing especially if no one reads it! :D

10:37 PM  
Blogger BohemianBlogger said...

I concur with rochee... and where the hell is my blog link... i dont see there...whats up with that... ???

9:17 PM  

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