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Monday, July 10, 2006

Woes of Work, Joys of Creating

So, I knew the week of June 26th was off to a bad start when I got a freakin' parking ticket in Pasadena on Monday evening. I haven't gotten a parking ticket in quite awhile, mostly because I learned my lesson the very hard way when I moved out here a few years ago. (You can't ignore parking tickets and you can't NOT pay them.) Anyway, despite the omens (or maybe because of them), the drawstring pant making class I took at the lovely Sugarbutterbex in Highland Park that night soothed my anxious spirit. (Check out their updated schedule on their site. Plus, you can see another picture of me and my pants along with some other people's finished projects.) I was so pleased with how the pants came out and by how unafraid I was of the sewing machine after just a few hours. Thanks to Jessica for all of her patience in teaching me. Here are the pants. Woo hoo--Old Navy has nothing on these puppies.


Yes, I finally finished the halter top. I don't think I'm ever going to be fully satisfied with it, but it does fit much, much better than my initial attempt. I might try a bit of blocking to see if I can't get the bust area to settle down. Either that or I'll have to try the rolled-up sock method, if you know what I mean. Ever since I lost weight, I've noticed that my bust just ain't what it used to be.

Continuing on with the bad week of the 26th, I got a new boss (always a stressful thing!), had a panic attack brought on by stress and, strangely, a photo crew in the office with flashbulbs going off all day. I swear I was part of some strange psychological experiment that day. And, no, they didn't take my picture that day. Thank goodness. (On days like that, I always replay the REM song that says, "It's been a bad day. Please don't take a picture.")

To recover from the hellish week of the 26th, I got 4 days off from work for the Fourth of July holiday. We did a bunch of stuff, including seeing the Rauschenberg combine exhibit at MOCA and going to see Superman Returns at the Vista Theatre. Also, we went to a HUGE party at my friend Jeanette's house. This is David and me enjoying the shade after a margarita and lots of food:

And finally, because I feel like I've been working on this post for weeks now, I'll just wrap up. Below are the ribbon pieces David and I made at Sugarbutterbex (again!) as part of the 2nd Saturday event. We enjoyed hanging out with other people and watching Stephanie work her magic with a glue gun. (My creation is the gray one on the left. David's is on the right. What do you think?)

I have more to tell you about from 2nd Saturday, but I'll do that tomorrow. I should just post this already!